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NEWS BULLETIN: Save Our Beautiful Islands - 
The Ten Island Renewable Challenge“By supporting the Carbon War Room on the Urgency Network, you can help implement the change you want to see. Please sign up on the Urgency Network today, and donate as much as you can! ”José María Figueres, President, Carbon War Room
Dear Friends / Mi Amigos and Amigas, Imagine a world free of fossil fuel emissions as a result of a profitable transition towards renewable energies. Imagine a small island nation, like St. Lucia, or Tahiti, which rather than have its economy continuously depleted by raising costs of imported fossil fuels, turned to creating jobs and a stronger economy by embracing wind and the sun to power-up. One island, one example, is where we start. By demonstrating we can do this and move many islands to 100% renewable energy, we show the world it is possible and set the example for other nations.At the Carbon War Room, we are working towards that vision through the Ten Islands Renewable Challenge. We are already on the ground in Aruba and looking to expand to ten other islands, including St. Lucia, Grenada, and the British Virgin Islands. Immediately afterwards, to the Pacific Islands implementing everything we will have learned.In recognition of this pioneering project, the Carbon War Room has been selected for the inaugural Urgency Network campaign to compete for $1 million in project funding. By supporting the Carbon War Room on the Urgency Network, you can help implement the change you want to see. Please sign up on the Urgency Network today, and donate as much as you can! One lucky supporter will have the opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson at the launch festivity in New York City. Incubus and Alabama Shakes have demonstrated their support by donating great prizes for you, including a musical instrument from Incubus band member Mike Einziger. Now that you can finally support the Carbon War Room by donating to our projects, please do so, and join us in moving ten islands from fossil fuels to wind and solar power. Friends, I often say ‘there is no Planet B’! Let’s take good care of our planet, by bringing environment and economics together. Renewable energies on Islands and then the rest of the planet, is the future. Sincerely Yours, Jose Maria FigueresPresidentCarbon War Room
About The Urgency Network The Urgency Network is an online platform that connects nonprofits, musicians, celebrities, fans, and brands in a single online community to create positive impact on a global scale. The platform crowd sources support for campaigns/causes, and allows these causes to compete for funding, all while promoting their brand and receiving donations from the public.Urgency participants--anyone who signs up to participate on the Urgency Network site--can win larger than life experiences by completing social actions like watching awareness videos, donating, or opting-in to mass tweets. The more a participant supports a specific cause by taking action to support it, the more entries they earn towards the Grand Prize drawing. The more entries a cause receives, the better they fare in earning the $1 million to support their project.For Carbon War Room, they are attempting to raise $1 million for our Ten Island Challenge to go towards implementing the renewable energy commitments made on Necker as part of the CCI Summit. The winning prize for our campaign is a 'meet and greet' with Richard at the CWR office party.
About The Carbon War RoomThe world today has both the technology and the policy in place to tackle at least 50% of the climate challenge. Now, across a range of major global industries, we must break down market barriers in order to shift capital towards the low-carbon technologies and business models that will prove extremely profitable - thereby creating climate wealth.Carbon War Room takes a global, sector-based approach. We are dedicated to breaking down industry market barriers, and getting money flowing towards low-carbon opportunities. The Carbon War Room divides the climate change challenge into 7 sectors and 17 sub-sectors, each containing the potential for profitably achieving massive CO2 reductions via private sector innovations. Across these sectors, the War Room’s current Operations include: Maritime Shipping Efficiency, Green Capital, Renewable Jet Fuels, Smart Island Economies, and Trucking Efficiency.